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Business activities of the Company

February 29, 2008 took place the reorganization of the Company in the form of affiliation of regional distribution grid companies included in its area of responsibility. Since the reorganization of the main activities of the Company are: the provision of services for electric energy transmission on distribution networks and the provision of services for technological connection of consumers.

From 2013 to 2014, the company fulfilled the functions of a guaranteeing supplier of electricity, the main activities in this period added sales of electric energy to consumers at the wholesale and retail markets of electric energy.

For 2015 the share of commodity production from electricity transmission amounted to 98.6%, from technological connection of consumers to 1.0%.

The company also provides repair services, operational maintenance, testing of electric facilities, connection/disconnection of consumers, communication services, transport services and other services.

The share of marketable products from these activities amounts to 0.4% of the total value of marketable products.