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Auditor and registrar

Information on auditor

The Company’s Auditor is elected by resolution of Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of IDGC of Center and Volga Region, JSC (minutes # 13 dd. 14.06.2019).

The Company’s Auditor

Full commercial name

Limited Liability Company "Ernst & Young"

Shortened name

Ernst & Young LLC

Legal address

RF, 115035, Moscow, st. Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 77, p. 1.

Current address

RF, 115035, Moscow, st. Sadovnicheskaya embankment, 77, p. 1.







Web-page of the organization

E-mail address

License for execution of audit activity

In accordance with the Federal Law No. 135-FZ of July 19, 2007, from July 01, 2008, the licensing of auditing activities has been terminated. In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law on Auditing, the company is a member of the Russian Union of Auditors self-regulatory organization of auditors (SRO RSA). Since 10/20/2016. Member of the non-profit partnership "Audit Chamber of Russia".

Factors, which can influence the auditor’s independence from the issuer, as well as essential interests, which tie the auditor with the issuers, are absent.

Procedure of the auditor selection

- Presence of tender procedure, tied with the auditor selection, and its main conditions:

Central purchasing commission of the controlling entity conducts selection of audit company for execution of audit of financial reporting of IDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC, prepared according to RAS and International Financial Reporting Standards. Main requirements, put forward to audit organizations are: - not to be in the process of liquidation; - not to have resolution on suspension of activity, which is passed in the order, stipulated by the Russian Federation Administrative Offences Code, as of the day of the Application consideration for participation in the Tender; - not to have indebtedness on accrued taxes, levies and other compulsory payments to budgets of any level or state non-budgetary funds for the past calendar year, amount of which exceeds twenty five per cent of the assets balance value of a participant according to data of accounting reporting for the last completed reporting period; - not to fall under the conditions, named in clause 1 of article 12 of Federal Law “On audit activity”. The Audit Committee under the Company’s Board of Directors conducts evaluation of candidates for the Company’s auditor.

- Procedure of an auditor candidacy nomination for approval by shareholders’ (participants’) meeting, including the management body, which passes the corresponding resolution:

According to selection results of audit organizations for audit execution of financial (accounting) reporting of the issuer the controlling entity recommends the auditor candidacy to General Shareholders’ Meeting of the issuer.

General Shareholders’ Meeting approves annually the Company’s Auditor according to subclause 11 of clause 10.2 of article 10 of the Company’s Charter.

Payment amount for the auditor’s services is approved by the Company’s Board of Directors according to subclause 14 of clause 15.1 of article 15 of the Company’s Charter.

By the decision of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of IDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC (Minutes No. 12 of 01.06.2018), Ernst & Young LLC was approved by the auditor of IDGC of Center and Volga Region PJSC to conduct an audit of the financial (accounting) statements for 2018.

The auditor candidacy, attracted for the audit execution of consolidated financial reporting of IDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC according to International Financial Reporting Standards is not submitted for consideration of General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Procedure of amount determination of the auditor’s remuneration

Procedure of payment and amount of remuneration to audit organizations and individual auditors for audit conduct (including compulsory) and rendering of related services are determined by agreements of audit services rendering and cannot be made conditional from execution of any requirements of the audited persons on conclusions contents, which can be made as a result of the audit.

Payment amount of auditor’s services of the issuer, approved by Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of the issuer for compulsory annual audit and confirmation of annual financial reporting of the issuer, is determined by the issuer’s Board of Directors. Remuneration was not paid.

Deferred and overdue payments for the services, rendered by the auditor, are absent.


Joint stock company VTB Registrar (VTB Registrar JSC)
Head: Petrov Konstantin - CEO
Location: 23, Pravdy Street, Moscow 127015

Postal address: p.o. box 54, Moscow 127137
Phone: +7 (495) 787-44-83
General e-mail:
Webpage on the Internet:

License #: 045-13970-000001
Date of issue: 21 February 2008
Effective period: for an indefinite period of time
Issuing authority: Federal Financial Markets Service

Vladimir branch of VTB Registrar JSC
Physical address/postal address: Tractornaya Street, 45, Vladimir 600005
Phone: +7 (910) 775-53-75, +7 (980) 755-72-21

Kaluga branch of VTB Registrar JSC
Physical address/postal address: 23, building 3, Saltykova-Shchedrina Street, Kaluga 248002
Phone: +7 (4842) 56-31-90, +7 (495) 787-44-83, ext. 400, 401 

Nizhny Novgorod branch of VTB Registrar JSC 
Physical address/postal address: 3-I Yamskay Street, Nizhny Novgorod 603000

Phone: +7 (831) 430-11-33, 430-13-21, 430-14-30


Transfer-agents Registrar's:

Ivanovo branch of Close Joint-Stock Company «Siberian Registration Company»
Physical address /postal address: 17, office 1007, Zvereva Street, Ivanovo 153000
Phone/fax: +7 (4932) 59-26-68

Kirov branch of JSC «Servis-Reestr»
Physical address /postal address: 84, Karla Marksa Street, Kirov 610017 
Phone: +7 (8332) 22-40-07

Branch «Reestr-Mari El» of JSC «Reestr»         
Physical address/postal address: 3, office 418, Bruges Waterfront, Yoshkar-Ola 424033
Phone: +7 (8362) 21-10-33

Ryazan branch of JSC «STATUS»
Physical address /postal address: 52, floor 3, office 15, Sobornaya Street, Ryazan 390000
Phone: +7 (4912) 99-49-77, fax: +7 (4912) 28-44-76

Tula branch of LLC «Reestr-RN»
Physical address /postal address: 50, Turgenevskaya Street, Tula 300041
Phone/fax: +7 (4872) 30-76-44

Izhevsk branch of JSC «STATUS»
Physical address /postal address: 53, office 484, 10 let Oktyabrya Street, Izhevsk, Republic of Udmurtia 426011
Phone/fax: +7 (3412) 99-80-25