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"Rossetti" confirmed compliance with international quality management system

04.12.2017 13:56
The company "Rosseti" has officially confirmed the compliance of quality management system to the requirements of national standard GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and its international counterpart ISO 9001:2015.

From 13 to 15 November 2017 "Russian grids" held the certification audit of quality management system. His goal is to confirm compliance with the requirements of the national standard and its international equivalent. By the certification Association "Russian Register" has evaluated the level of implementation, its effectiveness and the possibility of improvement.

Employees of the company "Rosseti" demonstrated competence, involvement in, and understanding of the importance of some requirements and consequences of deviation from established procedures, understanding and motivation to achieve positive results.

The auditors noted the company's focus on improving the reliability of the electric grid complex, improvement of financial and economic indicators of the group of companies "rosseti" support of innovation development. High competence of the personnel responsible for the maintenance of a system of "Russian grids" necessary social support to employees, the desire to improve the efficiency of vocational training of staff is also highly appreciated by specialists.

The results of the certification audit Russian Register decided on the issuance of "Rossetti" certificate of conformity of quality management system to the requirements of national standard GOST R ISO 9001-2015 and its international counterpart ISO 9001:2015.

"We have confirmed that our quality management system fully complies with national and international standards. The company does not stop there: work continues on the implementation and dissemination of the quality management system, environmental management system, energy management system, management system of occupational safety and health in the Group of companies rosseti" - said the chief engineer of the company "Rosseti" Dmitry Gvozdev.


Control system (management) is a method of management of the company, characterized by coordinated activity of all employees and organizational units. The main principle of quality management is customer orientation. The application of the quality management system is a strategic decision for the organization, which may help to improve the results of its operations and to provide a solid basis for initiatives focused on sustainable development.

The certificate of conformity of quality management system requirements ISO 9001:2015 – an official document issued for the purpose of confirmation of conformity of quality of works or services to the company, the requirements of existing standards ISO 9000 series (ISO 9000). The introduction of the ISO 9001 standard creates in the organization's existing quality management system (QMS) which ensures the improvement of efficiency of quality management processes. The purpose of this QMS is to optimize and improve the performance and competitiveness of the organization as a whole.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international quality standard recognized worldwide. ISO 9001 (ISO 9001) is the basis of ISO 9000 series (ISO 9000), aimed at establishing the quality management system in the organization.

The ISO 9001 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization). This standard operates in more than 90 countries and has been translated into many languages, including on Russian. In Russia ISO 9001:2015 acts as GOST R ISO 9001-2015.