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Alexander Novak spoke about the development of the electricity industry in the Russian Federation

15.11.2017 10:04
The Minister of energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak made a keynote report at the meeting, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, devoted to the development of the power industry.

Opening the meeting, the President noted that in recent years managed to significantly increase the availability of thermal generation: "Over the past five years the volume of thermal power generation rose 6.7 percent. Today, there are concentrated two-thirds of the installed capacity of the country's energy – 164 GW. In thermal power plants produced almost 57% percent of the electricity of Russia."

Alexander Novak announced key performance indicators for the electricity sector in Russia. According to the Minister, for 5 years total investment in industry amounted to about 4 trillion. rubles, of which 1.7 trillion. rubles - in the network and 2.3 trillion. - in generation. "Built 156 kilometers of power networks commissioned 35 GW of new capacity". The Minister also noted the reduction of accidents: "the Total number of accidents in 2013 decreased in generation at 11%, power sector 20%," - said Alexander Novak.

According to him, implemented a number of major projects of national importance, increasing the reliability of electricity supply: "the Crimean bridge", the power supply of Olympic facilities in Sochi and others. "We are now implementing several important projects: ensuring energy independence of the Kaliningrad region, construction of power plants in the Crimea, provision of reliable power supply of objects of world football Championship-2018, and the construction of new generation in the far East", - said the head of the energy Ministry.

The Minister noted that over the past few years adopted a package of regulatory documents and amendments to the legislation aimed at strengthening payment discipline. "The result has been to reverse the trend of constant growth of receivables. The level of payments in retail in 2017 is 98.5 %, which is 0.8% better than in 2017" - summed up Alexander Novak.

Minister of energy of Russia said that now the price of electricity in Russia is one of the lowest in the world: 2 times below the average for industry is 2.5 times below the average for small business and other small consumers and 3 times lower for the population.

Touched Alexander Novak and the problem of deterioration of the equipment: "Despite the scale and novelty of the program, PDM, in Russia, the oldest Park generating equipment among developed countries. The average age is 34 years, more than 30% older than 45 years."

During the meeting the Head of energy Department announced proposals of the Ministry of energy to modernize the energy sector without sacrificing reliability and minimizing the financial burden on consumers.

"CDA projects are now mostly completed and the rest nearing completion, there is a return on investment. The amount of released funds from 2021 will be 130-250 billion a year. We offer this resource, reinvestirovat it in the industry. The amount released is up to 1.5 trillion rubles," - said the Minister. According to him, it will conduct a deep modernization of about 40 GW of installed capacity of thermal generation by 2030, that is 3-4 GW per year, which meets the requirements of the General scheme.

Another proposal voiced by the Minister during the meeting, consists in adjustments of the mechanism of the capacity market (KOM) in the extension of the period of the concluded agreements with 4 to 6 years, boundary changes price bands for the corresponding period. "It will increase the efficiency of the generation segment and will extend the operation of older units. According to our calculations, the improvement of mechanisms of WHOM will allow to prolong term of work of thermal power generation to 100 GW by 2030," - said Alexander Novak.

The event participants got acquainted with innovative technologies for the electric grid complex of JSC "rosseti". Also Alexander Novak in the videoconference took part in the solemn entering in exploitation of objects of electric grid infrastructure of the world Cup in 2018 substations "Presnya" (Moscow), "Stadium" (Samara), "Coastal" (Kaliningrad).