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Industry news

24.07.2020 16:59
Pavel Livinskiy, head of the company, reported on the progress of Rosseti’s repair program in the region at a preparatory meeting for the upcoming peak loads season in the Far East Federal District, which was held in Chita chaired by Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of Russia.
23.07.2020 16:57
On July 1, 2020, the company started implementing Law 552-FZ, which governs the development of smart energy metering systems, and initiated deployment of smart meters. Pavel Livinskiy, Director General of Rosseti, reported this at a meeting chaired by Yuri Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, held at Shokin Research and Production Enterprise Istok at the science town Fryazino near Moscow.
19.06.2020 17:26
All of the board members endorsed the Minister of Energy as their chairman. The choice was confirmed during the session on June 18.
17.06.2020 17:25
Pavel Livinskiy, CEO of Rosseti, took part in the conference ‘COVID-19: accelerating a better energy future for all’. The discussion focused on issues of digital transformation, shift of power balance, development of low-carbon energy industry, and international cooperation. Alexander Novak, the Minister of Energy of Russia, and Angela Wilkinson, Secretary General & CEO of the World Energy Council, participated as well.
08.06.2020 14:02
Events led by the Minister of Emergencies of Russia Yevgeny Zinichev included flying around the territory, a review of forces and a coordination meeting. Director General of Rosseti, Pavel Livinskiy, also held a working meeting with Governor of the Tver Region Igor Rudeney.