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Igor Makovskiy: the stylized pole “Warrior” in the Vladimir region to become a new architectural symbol of the city

05.07.2019 15:03

The first stylized pole of power lines to appear in the Vladimir region. Its pilot project was approved at a focus group meeting held in the Vladimir branch of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region (the brand of IDGC of Centre and Volga Region, PJSC), which was attended by heads of the technical unit of the Vladimirenergo branch, the management of the Housing and Public Utilities Department and representatives of relevant departments of the Administration of the Vladimir region, as well as experts.

Several variants of the external appearance of the pole were presented to be discussed by the focus group - the falcon (the symbol of the city of Suzdal), the coat of arms of the Vladimir region and the epic hero - the warrior. As a result, the last option was approved.

“The project of integration of grid facilities into the urban environment is one of the components of the concept of digital transformation, for the advanced implementation of pilot projects of which, the Vladimir region was chosen. I am confident that the stylized poles harmoniously fitted into the landscape will perform, in addition to the technological, an aesthetic function,” explained Igor Makovskiy, General Director of Rosseti Centre - the managing organization of Rosseti Centre and Volga Region. “I hope that the project we are implementing in the Vladimir region will become a new architectural symbol of the region.”
“I welcome the creative initiative of our partners - Rosseti Centre and Volga Region. The Vladimir region is a tourist region, and aesthetics plays a very important role for us. I propose to give residents of the region the opportunity to choose a place to install a stylized pole. Such that it pleases the eyes of our countrymen and guests on the way to the regional capital, creates a mood,” said Vladimir Sipagin, Governor of the Vladimir region. “I know that there are already stylized poles in Sochi and Kaliningrad. Our region also deserves to be decorated,” he stressed.

The focus group also discussed the place of installation of the pole - “Warrior”. Perhaps this will be the space to the right of the stele “Vladimir” when leaving the city. The main sightseeing sites are located along the federal highway M-7 in the following directions: Vladimir - Suzdal, Vladimir - Ivanovo and Vladimir - Ryazan. Intersections of 35-110 kV transmission lines, which are quite clearly visible from the roadway, are also located here. Choosing the final installation location of the stylized pole will be offered to residents of the region.

The manufacture and installation of stylized poles will be carried out as part of the investment program of “Rosseti Centre and Volga Region Vladimirenergo”, as part of measures to improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the region. The power engineers hope that the epic hero will eventually become the hallmark of the Vladimir region.