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Membership of the committee for strategy and development

The current membership of the Strategy and Development Committee of the Company Board of Directors is approved by a decision of the Company Board of Directors dd. 20.07.2018 (minutes # 324 dd. 20.07.2018) as amended dd. 22.11.2018 (Minutes # 337 dd. 23.11.2018)

The positions are specified as at the time of election.

1 Ol'khovich Evgeny Alexandrovich – the chairman of the Committee

Deputy Director General for strategic development and technological innovations of PJSC Rosseti

2 Grebtsov Pavel Vladimirovich

Deputy Director General for economics of PJSC Rosseti

3 Podlutskiy Sergey Vassilievich

Head of the Office of the Consolidate Planning and Reporting of the Department for the Investment Activities of PJSC Rosseti

4 Zharikov Alexey Nikolayevich

The Department Director for Corporate Policy and Work with the Shareholders of JSC ELEKTROCENTRONALADKA

5 Inozemtsev Alexander Valerievich

Deputy Director General for economics and finances of IDGC of Center, PJSC

6 Kapustin Dmitry Sergeevich

Head of the Office for Innovative Technical Policy and Energy Efficiency Increase of PJSC Rosseti

7 Morozov Andrey Vladimirovich (an independent director)

Legal director of the Professional Investors Association

8 Pavlov Alexey Igorevich

Director of the Treasury Department of PJSC Rosseti

9 Shevchuk Alexander Viktorovich (an independent director)

Executive Director of the Professional Investors Association

10 Filkin Roman Alexeevich (a non-executive director)

Director, electric power industry, machine building of the Representative Office of company Prosperity Capital Management (RF) Ltd.