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Membership of the committee for reliability

The current membership of the Reliability Committee of the Company’s Board of Directors was approved by the decision of the Company’s Board of Directors of 05.09.2019 (Minutes No.373 of 06.09.2019)

The positions are specified as at the time of the election.

Rozhkov Vasiliy Vladimirovich – Chairperson of the Committee

Director of the Production Operations Department of PJSC Rosseti

Shpilevoy Sergey Vladimirovich

Chief of the Analytical Administration of the Situational and Analytical Center of PJSC Rosseti

Pilyugin Alexandr Victorovich

First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of IDGC of Center, PJSC

Alyoshin Artyom Gennad’evich

Acting for Deputy General Director for Economy and Finances of IDGC of Center, PJSC

Krupenina Anastasia Igorevna

Director for Strategy and Investments of Five Plus, LLC

Morozov Andrey Vladimirovich

Legal Director of the Professional Investors Association