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The composition of the audit committee

The composition of the audit committee

The Internal Audit Commission is a permanent body of the Company’s internal control, implementing the regular control over the Company’s financial and economic activities, its standalone subdivisions, officers of the Company’s governance bodies and structural subdivisions of the Company’s e executive apparatus for the subject of conformity to the legislation of the Russian Federation, to the Company’s Charter and to the Company’s internal documents. The Internal Audit Commission acts for the sake of interests of the Company’s shareholders and in its activities are accountable to the Company’s General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Auditing commission is elected by a resolution of the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of IDGC of Center and Volga Region, JSC (minutes # 13 dd. 14.06.2019).

Membership of the commission:

  • Yerandina Yelena Stanislavovna - Chief Expert of the Control and Expert Department of the Department of Control and Revision Activities of PJSC ROSSETI;
  • Kirillov Artyom Nikolaevich - Deputy head of Department, auditing Department audit activities of PJSC ROSSETI;
  • Kiryukhin Sergey Vladimirovich - Acting Deputy General Director - Chief of Staff
  • Lelekova Marina Alexeyevna – director of the Control and Inspection Activity Department of PJSC ROSSETI;
  • Malyshev Sergey Vladimirovich - Leading Expert, Office of Auditing, Department of Control and Auditing, PJSC ROSSETI.