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Fees and compensations of the audit commission members

Subject to the Provisions «About the fees and compensations of the members of the Audit commission of JSC «IDGC of Center and Volga region», approved by the Annual General meeting (Report №1 dated 30.05.2008) the Company shall compensate the members of the Audit commission in terms of money.

Compensation due

The member of the Audit commission of the Company shall be paid back the expenses referred to participation in the meetings of the Audit commission of the Company and auditing subject to the Company regulations of travel expenses compensation effective at the moment of the meeting or auditing. The Company shall make settlement within three days after the submission of the documents verifying the incurred expenses.

Fee due

When participating in the audit of the financial and economic activity of the Company, a member of the Audit commission is provided with a limp-sum payment to be the amount equal to twenty five minimal monthly fee rates of the first working category determined by the branch fee agreement in the power system of the RF (hereinafter called – the Agreement) at the moment of auditing, considering indexation determined by the Agreement. The settlement shall be made within seven days after the report compiled by the results of the performed audit. The amount of fees to be paid to the Chairman of the Audit commission of the Company shall be increased by 50%. The Company shall compensate the experts involved by the Audit commission but not being the members thereof subject to the corresponding contacts concluded between with the Company and the specified experts. The terms and conditions of such the contracts shall be approved by the Board of Directors of the Company.