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Rights of Shareholders

The shareholders-owners of common registered shares of the Company are entitled:

  • to participate personally or to assign representatives to participate in the General meeting of the Company with voting power referred to all the issues under his competence; 
  • to put forward proposals in the agenda of the General meeting pursuant valid laws and regulations of the Russian Federation and the provisions of the present Articles of Association; 
  • to get information on the business activity of the Company and to get acquainted with the documents of the Company in compliance with article 91 of Federal law “About joint-stock companies”, other statutory acts, and the present Articles of Association; 
  • to get dividends declared by the Company; 
  • to have the right of priority acquiring the additional shares presented in terms of private offering and issued securities to be converted into the shares in proportion to the number of common shares at their disposal, in cases stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation; 
  • to get a part of property in case of bankruptcy (liquidation) of the Company; 
  • to exercise other rights stipulated by the RF laws and the present Articles of Association.